Undercarriage Wash



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  • The undercarriage wash was custom built to suit the unique requirements of oil sands mine trucks.
  • The system recycles 98% of all the water used.
  • There are 128 spinning water jets.
  • The system runs at 350 psi with extreme volumes of water, this ensures vehicles are not damaged.
  • Undercarriage wash will take off 1000 pounds of mud in 15 minutes.
  • Harsh chemicals are not used, only bio degradable detergents.
  • There is enough water saved to provide 28 residents of Wood Buffalo have enough water to survive for a year.

Our wash process is an effective way to maintain your vehicle´s value. Undercarriage washes now can be completed in as little as 30 mins, instead of waiting for days without your truck – they can be completed so quickly that by the time your employee goes to the bathroom and finishes their coffee, we will be handing them back their keys so they can get back to work.



  • Keeps our community cleaner and safer but not having gravel and chunks of mud falling off onto our roadways.
  • Keeps trucks lighter. Having excessive mud buildup on your truck can cause the vehicle to be over its weight limit (causing an unsafe situation for your employee).
  • Prevents excessive wear on vehicles. Transmissions and transfer cases will overheat and fail if there is mud buildup as they cannot cool down as designed. NO manufacturer will warranty the repair if this happens.
  • Undercarriage components will last longer as they do not have to carry more weight than designed for, brakes will last longer, ball joints, springs, callipers etc. as the sand and clay will cause components to stick on and wear extremely fast.
  • Steering will work properly as the components will be able to move freely when they are not packed with mud, power steering pumps will last longer and seals will not fail as quickly as they will have a chance to do their job.

    In a nutshell, here is what happens if you save the money and don’t do it:

The truck will eventually fail. You will have to pay more than that to have a shop chisel the mud off anyway and in most cases it will be $450. You will pay between $4,000 and $6,000 for the repair.

The truck will be down a minimum of 3 days, and probably 7 depending on labor and parts availability; and guess what: For all this down time, inconvenience and money spent you will look under your truck and only 30% of it will be clean, and the rest will be still mud packed.

The components that the mud covers start to fail because they cant operate in that condition and you get to give our shop (or another shop) more money again.

In the business world right now, and all of the ways we are trying to cut costs and be more efficient, you can’t have this not be part of your scheduled maintenance. You used to be able to get away with this but operating costs need to be looked at by all companies, and this is a sure fire way to repair bills and save you thousands of dollars in down time.

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